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Dior opens new flagship store in Geneva
Date: 2024-03-08 Source: WD Display 0 0

Dior's new boutique on Rue du Rhône in Geneva is a luxurious celebration, injecting fresh vitality into this renowned shopping street. Standing tall at 10 stories, the store is situated in the heart of luxury on Rue du Rhône, showcasing the brand's full range of products alongside captivating contemporary art installations, offering an engaging visual spectacle.


The design of this new building is a marvel of architecture, echoing the visionary design concept realized by Portzamparc for the brand's flagship store in Seoul in 2015. It is surrounded by six magnificent resin petals, intertwining curves and windows on the walls, creating an elegant and elongated appearance. These petals allow sunlight to penetrate, presenting enchanting variations of light and shadow, elevating the building itself to the level of art, resembling a magnificent lantern.


The interior design is equally stunning, featuring bright tones and white wooden furniture, complemented by high-end custom display cabinets, allowing the products to be fully showcased. Ivory armchairs and sofas provide customers with a comfortable shopping experience.


Each floor is meticulously designed, tailored for different product categories. From accessories to clothing, including Maria Grazia Chiuri's women's wear and Kim Jones's men's wear, each item showcases the brand's exquisite craftsmanship and unique charm. The top two floors are reserved for VIP clients, featuring panoramic lounges and terraces overlooking the Alps and Lake Geneva, offering them an unparalleled luxury experience.

The opening of this Dior boutique is not just a shopping trip but also an artistic journey, bringing endless surprises and enjoyment to consumers.

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