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WD Display - Making a Grand Debut at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair on September 5th
Date: 2023-08-30 Source: WD Display 0 0

From September 5th to 9th, the grand festival of horology will take center stage in Hong Kong. The five-day event will bring together the world's leading watch brands and manufacturers, showcasing the industry's latest techniques and designs. Among these participants, we stand out as leaders in high-end commercial space and display cabinet customization, proudly presenting our newest innovations at Booth 1A-B33.

2023 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair

Having partnered with renowned global brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Cartier, we recognize the essence and personality behind each brand. This understanding has enabled us to craft bespoke showcases and commercial spaces that perfectly embody the brand's ethos, ensuring every timepiece is presented in its optimal setting.


For this exhibition, we introduce several newly designed showcases, boasting the most advanced industry craftsmanship. These displays not only incorporate superior materials and structures but also offer intuitive design features. Their beauty and function not only secure the watches but elevate them as art pieces, captivating every onlooker.


What's more, the company's founders and our core manufacturing and design team will be on-site, delving deep into the stories behind each display and design and addressing any queries from visitors. This presents a rare opportunity for face-to-face interactions with industry experts.


In today's watch market, brands transcend their products, communicating value and positioning through their presentations. A well-designed showcase acts as a fitting stage, amplifying the allure of each timepiece. Committed to this belief, we endeavor to create such stages for every brand.


As the curtain rises on the exhibition, we cordially invite you to Booth 1A-B33, joining us in exploring the boundless possibilities of watch showcases and commercial design. Beyond mere display, this is a feast of artistry and craftsmanship. We eagerly await every encounter with you.


September 5th in Hong Kong - Let's rendezvous!

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