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How to choose a high-quality showcase
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It is very important for a store to have suitable showcases to attract customers. It can increase sales and brand value through the power of display. As a display device, the showcase not only needs to be attractive to customers, but also needs to conform to the style and tone of the brand, which help to establish a store brand image. When choosing a display case, you need to consider design appearance, workmanship, performance, environmental protection, etc. To help you make a wise choice, WD Display outlines important tips on how to choose a showcase.

1. Design Appearance

How to choose a high-quality showcase-Design Appearance

If a store, especially a brand store, cannot choose a set of high-end and distinctive display cabinets for display, then the sales of the store will not increase, and the brand image will also decline. Therefore, when choosing a display cabinet, you must first look at the appearance. The high-end display cabinets with brand characteristics and creative design are not only beautiful in appearance, but also can promote the sales of the store and enhance the image of the brand in the minds of consumers. Therefore, when choosing high-end display cabinets or customizing high-end display cabinets, we must pay attention to the design of high-end display cabinets.

2. Technology

How to choose a high-quality showcase-Technology

When distinguishing high-end showcase from ordinary showcase, the most important thing is to look at the manufacturing process of the display cabinets. Large-scale high-end display cabinet manufacturers use modern machinery and equipment, and use high temperature and high pressure edge sealing. After edge sealing, the appearance is neat and firm, avoiding damage to the display cabinets caused by long-term use of water vapor, and making the display cabinets more durable. At the same time, seamless welding technology, hot bending glass technology, 45° glass splicing technology and so on will be used.

3. Showcase performance

How to choose a high-quality showcase-Showcase performance

The high-quality showcase is constructed of special steel with strong load-bearing capacity. It uses a special chemical process to establish anti-corrosion properties. It uses glass with special properties such as laminated glass and explosion-proof to protect the integrity of the product. Falling on the display cabinet is also a guarantee for the long-term use of the display cabinet. Water is an important reason for the display cabinet to rot.

4. Environmental performance

How to choose a high-quality showcase-Environmental performance

The showcase is made of a variety of material combinations, among which MDF boards, paints, leathers, etc. are required. When selecting high-quality display cabinets, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the panels used in the display cabinets meet environmental protection standards and protect health. High-end custom display cabinet manufacturers have strict requirements on the materials of the display cabinets. They usually use environmentally friendly materials, which are harmless to human health, have no irritating odor, and are harmless to the space environment.

WD display here reminds that high-quality showcases can bring amazing display effects and sales to the store. When choosing showcases, you need to pay attention to the several aspects mentioned in the article.

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