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Design Team

Design Team

Team introduction

Wangdian's design team consists of more than 10 senior designers with different cultures, independent thoughts and passionate brainstorming. Each designer has more than 10 years of practical experience in project design, who can quickly and accurately grasp the design customized needs of customers, and viewing from field surveys and measurements to plane layout planning and 3D modeling output effects, then to accurately realize each design requirements . Keep customer needs as the core, service as the driving force, base production as the cornerstone, we are committed to providing customers with the best commercial space display solutions to help customers enhance brand value, strengthen brand visual marketing and increase sales volume.
  • JACK Design Director

    Design concept

    Use limited space to make infinite design and sublimate artistic life. Life is the source of creativity, so feel the space with your heart.

  • ANNE Design Manager

    Design concept

    Let the inspiration be freely released and create a space that the soul desires. The design is integrated with human nature, and the space is brought into a relaxed and comfortable situation. The design comes from life, and the details achieve the solid quality.

  • JORDAN Senior Designer

    Design concept

    The minimalist design style is more vital, and it is also in line with modern people's fashion, quietness, natural and clear mentality.

Design service Content

  • Scientific spatial layout design

    Our designers can help you make the most function of your retailed space. Our team will conduct a comprehensive field survey to evaluate the space requirements of the project, design a scientific and reasonable space layout plan, and design a reasonable customer purchasing action route layout. With a highly skilled design team, we are confident to design a commercial space layout plan that integrates science and practicality for you to meet your needs to the maximum.

  • Creative Visual Design

    Creative visual design plays a key role in your marketing strategy, helping to increase brand value and increase sales volume. Our creative design team will make an innovative space display solution for your brand based on your brand's SI and VI, enhance your brand's visual effect, and maximize your brand identity.

  • Production Technical Drawing Design

    Production technical drawings are helpful for subsequent production and product inspection. After our design team and you determine the design effects, dimensions, materials, etc., the design ideas will be converted into CAD-created technical drawings, such as the dimensions, materials, and color etc., which contents are ready for product prototype and construction, as well as it is convenient for product production.

  • Customer Service

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